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Danielle Nicole Alexander

Figure & Bikini Competitor

Danielle Nicole Alexander 1

Danielle Nicole Alexander


Age.. Oct 11, 1982
Height.. 5’6″
Eyes/Hair.. Brown / Blonde (yes, natural)
Weight.. Don’t ask a Lady!
Favorite Food.. Anything Clean / Healthy.
Favorite Product(s)..  Fit Whey, Lipo-Tropix

In my own words..

Growing up, I was an athletic kid: Dance for 23 years, Golf, Tennis, Softball and Swimming were my sports of choice. My adult fitness background stemmed from a health scare in 2006. From then on I went to train in triathlons and running events, soon after I was approached by a classmate who said I would do well in the fitness world with my dance background, I thought nothing of it and dove right in. I soon dabbled in Figure and by 2008 I was serious! I wanted this more than anything, and at the time my life was on-point. 2009 I was the first female in the state of Texas to place (top 5) in both Figure and Bikini Division at the West Texas Classic, Lubbock, TX.

By 2010 I was in the best shape of my life and had been sponsored by Iron Disciples, Vitamin Guru, and other small various clothing and supplement companies. I was on top of it all! July 2010, I lost my job and by December I was moving back in with my mom. To supplement what I was previously making, I taught myself how to bartend. However, that is not the healthiest place to be, no matter what your goals are and how determined and strong you are, it can be a dark place for some. On the upside, I was able to put myself through college and continued, sporadically, to work out when I could.

By 2012 I was 30, my body had changed, and it wasn’t reacting the way I wanted it to. I came to see Dr. Merrikh. I researched his practice and found that his love for fitness and medicine coincide together. I was amazed and in awe of the knowledge he has for both worlds and coming from a fitness world our saying is: If you work out, you don’t need medical help and the people who don’t work out, look for weight loss in a bottle.

Danielle Nicole Alexander 2

Danielle Nicole Alexander

Dr. Merrikh doesn’t see this point of view and genuinely cares about both individuals seeking a mutual balance. This I could agree with and support. Sometime last year, he was working on a supplement line and told me about his concept, I wanted to know more so I waited and continued to see him medically.  While I jumped back in on a fitness regimen and clean eating, I would come in for exams that measured everything from my resting heart rate to how fast my metabolism was working.

With the help of Dr. Merrikh and his staff, I was able to gauge my results and see where I needed to start. For two years my body was on a yo-yo lifecycle: not enough sleep, little workouts, late nights, and alcohol. By Jan 2013, I had graduated from college quit bad habits and got back in the gym!  After a follow-up, Dr. Merrikh, given my background in bodybuilding, asked me to try his ‘Fit Whey Protein’, which is amazing.  I supplemented 2 meals a day with the shakes and dropped about 5lbs fast, while continuing my fitness schedule and clean eating.

Now career driven and on a regular schedule, I’m working out 6-7 days a week.  I incorporate an hour of cardiovascular endurance exercises and 30-45 minutes weight lifting as well.  My body isn’t what it was in 2010, and I feel with the help and support of Dr. Merrikh and his new pharmaceutical grade supplement line – My body has never felt better & I will be back to 2010 shape soon!! I have more energy than I did at 27 and most importantly living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

No matter what the journey, dig deep and find yourself!

Healthy, Fit, Happy!

Danielle Nicole Alexander
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